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Side Settings

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

1. Levelupp SEO helps you Increase the quality and quantity of website traffic visibility of your website users of web search engines like google, etc.
2. You can modify the title, description so your SEO is promising for the people.


1. You can change your title and slug on your web page.
2. Input Excerpt serves as a little description for your web page.
3. Publish Date let you modify the date when you publish your web page. This works best on your blog page.
4. Visibility lets you set your web page to public, password protected and private.
5. You can hide your web page anytime under status published, pending review and draft.
6. Want to backup your web page? Levelupp has a tool that deletes and duplicate your web page.

Custom Data

Custom data helps you add more on what you have now. Simple add this mustache code {{self.custom_data.title}} on your template to use your custom date.