Introducing Leveluppsite Admin



1. Text editor. Where you can edit your page by drag and drop or coding.

Different Previews

Leveluppsite made and ready-made view for your website so you can easily monitor the view on different gadgets.

1. Desktop View    

2. Tablet View    

3. Mobile View    

Code Editor

1. Code editor. Where you can edit your code to enhance the design of your website.


1. You can add different ready-made sections just for you.

Add Media

1. You can add different Media that uploaded to media.


1. Grid helps you to determine to easily select your row, section, container, and columns.


1. Categories put all your pages into one place or organize. Start adding your categories now. 


1. You can add media in this section limit to 200kb per media to make your website run smoothly. Start adding your Media now 


1. Manage your website forms in one place. Start adding your forms now 


1.  Be organize use elements  to set your elements in one place. Start adding your Elements now 


1.  Set up the structure of your menu. Start adding your Menu now 

2. Drag and drop to organize your menu.


1.  First impression last forever make the best banner for your website to attract more client or user to visit your website. Start adding your Banners now 

2. Select your slide or click the image of your banner.
3. Edit the text, image, link, position, color and update to save your banner.


1.  Set your gallery by drag and drop images from your media. Start adding your Gallery now 


1.  Post responsible for managing your blog and blog post. Start adding your Post now 
2.  You can edit the post add feature image and add little description of your post to excerpt.