Advance Edit Settings

Advance Edit Settings

Page Settings

Under type, you can choose whether your file will be page or element.


Attributes are variables that the component uses to populate the view (i.e. speaker page: name, profile_image).

Basic Strucutre: {"name":{"default":"value"}}

Other Options: {"name":{
"title":"attribute title",


Data are variables that pulls information from the database (i.e. posts and pages).
You can pull data from posts or pages.

Basic Structure:

Other Options:

You can also pull data for menus, galleries and banners. Just use their name like the following example.


Import Another Element

Import another element on your created folder under section, add header and footer elements or pages you want to include in the current page or element.

Theme Files

1. Theme files let you create new files, upload files or images, or either export your existing website or files from your previous project.
2. You can find here all your files, folder, elements, codes, JS, CSS, HTML and photos.
3. If you wish to add a file under a folder, click on the folder you wish to add the file and select upload.

For more information on available data and attributes

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